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August 2, 2003

August 2003

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After I finally removed the God for saken apple trees out of the backyard, I managed to flatten the whole thing out. The whole endeavor took about 3 months. All of the rocks you see in the picture to the upper right I pulled out of the back, one at a time. In retrospect it was a very humbling experience.

In the August 2003 picture above, you can see the height of the plants I purchased. Each one was already about 15ft tall. Starting from the right going to left it’s Timber Bamboo, Bamboo Sweetshoot, Timber, Sweetshoot then Timber Bamboo again on the left. To save space I decided for moving our garden and trellising the fruits and vegetables over near the garage.
As you may have guessed controling the speading was a major concern of mine. Mentioning bamboo in a gathering of any size is nearly certain to prompt hysterical cursing from someone who has experienced an attack from the demonic plant that invaded unexpectedly and ceaselessly, and count not be stopped or killed. Such fear and venom is primarily directed at bamboos with a diffuse growth habit.

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